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About us

Challenging the world with a spirit of the globalism, ALTOUR JAPAN was born to seek for becoming the only company in the world.
We are pleased to introduce new company ALTOUR JAPN to the world. The U.S.-based Japanese company Wing Mate, and Europe and the U.S.-based leading travel agency ALTOUR have formed a joint venture ALTOUR Wing Mate. ALTOUR JAPAN has been established as the function of the Japan branch office of ALTOUR Wing Mate.
ALTOUR Wing Mate has provided not only the worldwide business network to serve its clients at Los Angeles, New York, San Jose, Alabama, London, Paris and Bangkok, but also the worldwide operation of its own call center in Japanese and English languages for 24hours per day and 365 days per year to respond all kinds of requests and troubles from its clients such as arrangements for unexpected business trips, flight changes, and flight cancellations.
ALTOUR Wing Mate has also provided travel arrangements from Japan to the U.S., travel arrangements from the U.S. to Japan, business trip arrangements for expositions and conventions, and visa services for the clients. The track record of ALTOUR Wing Mate proves that this strategy of the agency serves the needs of the client and brings the decision to establish ALTOUR JAPAN. The dissemination of E-tickets began about twenty years ago when Wing Mate was born. With this revolutionary system, clients' travel experiences become much easier. But in spite of the fact that convenience of purchasing E-tickets is increasing due to the dissemination of websites, more clients ask ALTOUR JAPAN for their travel arrangements.
Why do more clients turn to ALTOUR JAPAN instead of their direct bookings? Because they like the agency's sincere responses. ALTOUR JAPAN is 100% foreign capital company in Japan, but ALTOUR JAPAN localizes the western way of business to the Japan market. And ALTOUR JAPAN also provides veteran travel consultants who understand traditional Japanese ways of Wabi Sabi spirits. We are proud to be a pioneer company which can provide new styles of travel products to clients by utilizing the worldwide network of 1,200 travel specialists with Europe and the U.S. - based leading travel agency ALTOUR. We are also proud to be an information sensitive company which could predict the direction the center of the world would go toward, and the company could endured several difficult economies so far.
While ALTOUR JAPAN secures sincere services for 24 hours a day to clients who visit the world from Japan, the agency is specializing in custom made tours for foreign visitors to Japan. And these custom made tours reflect foreigners' interest in Japanese cuisine and Tokyo Olympic Game in 2020.
In order to respond foreigners' expectation to Japan's high standard of hospitality, we convinced ourselves to establish ALTOUR JAPAN as the Japan branch of ALTOUR Wing Mate. Opening ALTOUR JAPAN also means the way of materializing the philosophy of ALTOUR Wing Mate, and we like to commit ourselves to provide custom made tours which could impress good memories of Japan on foreigners' heart.
As we have our confidence to provide highly competitive products from ALTOUR JAPAN, we are willing to grow ALTOUR JAPAN toward to a global travel agency in the premium service category. It would be our pleasure that if each client could realize our premium service in their future travel. Please let ALTOUR JAPAN be your travel agency, and let ALTOUR JAPAN provide you the only tour itinerary.
Toshi Iwama

A major European and US tour, whose sales are $ 1.6 billion, opened a Japanese branch.

The Registration of the Standard Form Travel Agent Contract under the Travel Agency Law

The Travel Agency Law Registration Area of Business Overseas travel and domestic travel
Registration Number No. 3-2727 registered by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture
Registered Date Heisei 27, March 6 (March 6, 2015)
Period of Validity From Heisei 27, March 6 to Heisei 32, March 5
(March 6th, 2015 - March 5th, 2020)
Name of Business Limited Liability Company Altour Japan
Administrator of General Travel Business Administrator IIDA, MASAHIRO
The Standard Form Travel Agent Contract

Government Warning about Overseas Travel

Such as Foreign Minister’s Overseas Risk Information, Japanese government will issue warnings about the regions and countries where dangers will be expected. We always hand documents about overseas travel warnings to our clients when we accept their travel orders. The same information is found at the website: For contact Foreign Minister's Overseas Travel Safety Consultation Center, call 03-3580-3311 ext 2902 or direct line: 03-3501-8162

Health and Sanitary Information

Sanitary situations in your visiting countries will be found at Health, Labor and Welfare Minister's Quarantine and Infection Information Homepage, For contact Tokyo Quarantine Station, call 03-3599-1515.


Challenging the world with a spirit of globalism, ALTOUR JAPAN was born with the purpose of becoming the leader in global travel.

ALTOUR JAPAN specializes in localizing the western way of doing business to the Japanese market.
We at ALTOUR JAPAN are the best at providing veteran quality travel consulting due to our understanding of the true traditional ways of Japanese business practices.
Our leading travel agency ALTOUR is proud to be a pioneer company which provides new styles of travel products to our clients by utilizing our worldwide network of over 1,200 travel specialists including Europe and the U.S.
We welcome you to join our team here at ALTOUR Japan!!

Application guidelines (Industry: Travel company)

■ Overview work
① Business based in Japan (Tokyo / Osaka) (Reservations / arrangements / Sales)
② Call center performing business arrangements   (reservation / arrangements)
③ Business based in the US / UK (reservations / arrangements / sales)

■ Employment
Full time employee
Contract employee

■ Job Description
① Will performs business travel arrangements / inbound arrangements
    Job: Booking / Arrangements/ Sales (Enterprise)
② Will answer and arrange accordingly inquiries from Japan and around the world
    (Europe and other Asian countries)
    Will arrange/deploy air tickets, hotels and car rentals using GDS (Global Distribution System)
③ Travel arrangement businesses from all over the world
Reservations / arrangements: airline tickets, hotels and car rental using the GDS
Sales: Will correspond with overseas bases of Japanese companies as well as local companies in those locations.

■ Work location
① Osaka / Tokyo
② Japan
③ United States: Los Angeles, New York and other US branches
    UK: London
** Allowed working from home

Working hours
①②③  09:00-18:00
* Shift system of 8-hour work days, including Saturday and Sundays

■ Salary
This will be determined based on our regulations, experience.
And ability of the applicant.
* There is probation of three months

■ Transportation and Welfare Benefits
① Transportation expenses paid
    Salary increase in accordance with ability
    Social Insurance (Employees' pension, health insurance and employment insurance)
② Transportation expenses payment
    Salary increase in accordance with ability
    Social Insurance (employees' pension, health insurance and employment insurance)
③ Salary increases in accordance with ability
    Health insurance
    Able to support United States / UK working visa

■ Holidays/Days off
①② Five-day workweek, paid time off/compensatory holiday, year-end and New Year holiday
③    Five-day workweek, paid time off/compensatory holiday

■ Application requirements
① Experience in business travel arrangements (preferred)
    Business-level English
    Experience in using GDS terminal (preferred)
    PC skills (word / excel / power point)
    Experience in industry with overall travel administration (preferred)
    *New College Grad. / Recent university graduates, also accepted.

② Native level of Japanese language
    Experience in GDS terminal (preferred)
    Industry experience and comprehensive travel business handling administration experience (preferred)
    *Must be able to work legally in Japan

③ Native level of Japanese language
    Business-level English
    PC skills (word / excel / html)
    Experience in using GDS terminal (preferred)
    Industry experience (preferred)

■ How to apply
    English resume
    Japanese resume
    Write letter of: Reasons and motives of application

* Please send the above by e-mail or mail in PDF format to

Address:   Postal Code: 532-0011
Tenjin Daiichi Bldg #401,4-2-26,Nishinakajima,
Yodogawa-ku, Osaka JAPAN
ALTOUR JAPAN Human Resources Department

■ Contact Us
If there are any questions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.
E-mail inquiries: Inquiries are accepted 24 hours
(For inquiries made during business hours, we will contact you by the next business day)
Telephone reception: Japan time Tuesday to Friday (weekdays)
TEL: 06-6476-7440

* Please refrain from contacting us by telephone on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays and Monday in Japan time.


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