Services for foreign visitors to Japan
Altour Japan provides travel services to foreign visitors to Japan for business, sightseeing, or any purposes. Our services include preparing sightseeing itineraries, and dispatching foreign language guides, and interpreters, in addition to issuing airline tickets. We first hear needs of clients and propose travel arrangements. Altour Japan designs travel services for foreign visitors by accepting inquiries from overseas or their host companies in Japan. Our services always satisfy needs of the clients.
International business trips and airline tickets
Altour Japan first hears the purpose of trips, conditions of visiting countries, and budgets from clients. We propose the best route for each business trip, and prepare necessary travel documents quickly. With our support of international travel, each client on the trip will be free from trouble of travel arrangements, and spends his/her times on business planning. Altour Japan is a one-stop agency for international business trips by specializing in each business area of the client with highly motivated staff. Administrators of client companies will be answered for any questions from our staff.
International trade shows & conventions
Regardless the size of tour, Altour Japan prepares any types of tour for international trade shows and conventions in Europe, Asia, and North America. We design packaged tours and order-made tours for visiting trade shows and technical visits in foreign countries. Our extended services include dispatching interpreters and arranging transportations.
International and domestic airline tickets
Altour Japan arranges domestic airline tickets and international flights which depart and arrive at foreign countries. Through our services, clients in Japan are able to buy international airline tickets for their family in foreign countries and overseas LCC airline tickets which cannot be purchased in Japanese currency yen.
Visa service
Altour Japan prepares any travel documents including applications for visas to visiting countries, Japanese passports, and any other necessary procedures. We fully comply with restrictions of handing individual information.
24/7 Call Center service (optional)
In cases of very short notice of departure such as a few-hour notice of flight departure or a very early morning departure, Altour’s Call Center supports clients. Our clients visiting foreign countries are able to receive Japanese language explanation about his/her itinerary with our operators.
ALTOUR Hotel Collection (AHC)
The most prestigious properties in Japan are part of the ALTOUR Hotel Collection. Special amenities chosen by each property and exceptional service for ALTOUR guests only.

From Inquiry to Departure

Procedure of Application

For any questions about your travel arrangement, please feel free to contact us by telephone or inquiry form.

  1. Request of Estimation
    We like to know your schedule of business trip, your selection of seat class, and your budget.
    By telephone, please call: 06-6476-7440
    By fax, please send to: 06-6485-4460
    By email, please use : inquiry form
    Appointments are required to visit our business office. Business hours are: Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. Saturday appointments are possible.
  2. Approval of the estimation and Request of Travel Arrangement
    We will start to make your travel arrangement after you will approve our estimation and you will ask us to go ahead.
    * Your passport information is essential when you will fill in the travel application.
    * For sightseeing and business trips, persons with Japanese passport are not required any visas for all most countries. But India, Nepal, Russia, Brazil, and other countries require visas for sightseeing and business trips. Additionally some countries require a validated passport which will be good at a certain period after the date of issuing entry permission or entering the country. If you are not sure whether your passport would be good for such requirements, please contact us.
    * The same staff who received your inquiry previously will accept your travel application. If you would remember the name of staff, please contact that staff.
    * Usually when we receive your travel application after the business hour, we start to make your travel arrangement in the next business day. But there would be an exception that we could start the arrangement in the same business day upon our conditions.
    * Seat availabilities are always subjects to change unless you would purchase seats. The same seat which is available at the time of inquiry would not be available at the time of reservation. Even though we accept your travel application, it does not guarantee that we could reserve your seats of the flight.
  3. Confirmation of Travel Plan and Filling in Travel Application
    You will confirm your travel plan prepared by our staff, and you will fill in your travel application. You may execute the procedure by email, telephone, fax, or in-person.
    * Filling in your travel application effects your agreement to the travel arrangement regardless of receiving your initial payment.
  4. Completion of Travel Arrangement and Sending Invoice
    When your travel arrangement is completed, we will send you the invoice, the confirmation of your reservation and itinerary by your designated way, email, fax, or postal mail.
    * Your reservation change and your cancellation of the travel arrangement after these procedure will occur the fee that we set the amount.
  5. Payment
    Your prompt remittance to the following bank account is requested upon you receive the invoice.
    Bank: Resona Bank, Semba Branch
    Account: 0438891, Altour Japan
    * You will not be noticed of a receipt by Altour Japan unless your remittance amount would be different from the invoice.
    * Issue of receipt: We issue a receipt only one time. We do not issue a receipt to anonymous payer or we do not issue a receipt with no name of payer. Issuing a receipt occurs a fee of 1080 yen. Your bank remittance record is considered as a receipt by Altour Japan. We can revise a receipt with alternative name of payer only when the original receipt would be returned to Altour Japan. We never reissue a receipt even when you would lose the original receipt.
  6. Receipt of Tickets and Coupons
    Upon receiving your remittance, we will explain to you about the deadline of purchasing tickets, and we will send you “E Ticket” for airline reservation and “Coupon” for hotel reservation by email or fax. Sending these tickets and coupons by postal service occurs the fee of 1,500 yen plus tax.
    * We may use postal service to send you some tickets which cannot be sent by email or fax. In that case, we will notice you in advance.
    * When you requite immediate receipt of tickets and coupons, we try other ways beyond the above condition. For more information, please contact our staff.
  7. Departure
    Please check-in at an airlines’ counter in two hours prior to departure. Cut-off time for check-in is subject to change. Your early arrival at airport is recommended. In case you cannot check-in at an airlines’ counter by cut off time, your e-ticket would be no longer useful.
    Flight schedule is subject to change without advance notice. Please reconfirm departure time before you will leave for airport.

Condition of Airline Tickets

  • It is your responsibility that the spelling of your name in the airline reservation must be the same as listed in your passport. As a general rule, you will receive the airline tickets before the departure date. But there are exceptions that your airline ticket will be delivered to the airport on the departure date when you need to purchase an airline ticket in urgency or there are the provisions of airlines. And in these cases, the airport delivery fee will occur.
  • The acquisition of passport visa is your responsibility. You must check the requirement of passport visa for each country you will visit before the departure. Some countries require a certain validated period of the passport in spite of they do not require passport visa.
  • In cases where you do not aboard on your flights for any reasons, we cannot refund fee or we cannot make any arrangements for your alternative flight on other airlines.
  • Unless you would purchase a ticket with open status, you cannot change a return flight at your visiting city.
  • In cases where you change your return flight or you cancel your return flight with a ticket that prohibits schedule changes in return flight, we cannot refund any fee or we may charge additional fee after your return.
  • In cases where your flight reconfirmation is required, you must make the reconfirmation of the flight in 72 hours prior to the departure schedule. Your failure of your flight reconfirmation could cause to delete your flight reservation. Once your flight reservation would be canceled, we cannot make any arrangement for your alternative flight at other airlines.

Disclaimers of Altour Japan’s responsibilities

If any problems would occur, we pursue to resolve problems according to the term and conditions of the standard form travel agent contract under the Travel Agency Law.

The followings are examples which Altour Japan cannot bear any responsibilities:

  • In cases where you are prohibited from boarding an airplane or entering your visiting country due to the immigration control laws of Japan and/or the visiting country, and lack of the validated period of your passport or proper passport visa. Some countries require the proof of your return flight ticket even though they exempt sightseeing visa.
  • In cases where your flight reservation is deleted when you do not confirm your flight at your visiting city where you would stay for more than 72 hours.
  • In cases where your flight are cancelled or delayed due to bad weathers, natural disasters, wars, riots, strikes, faulty maintenances and others.
  • In cases where you cannot aboard your flight due to the overbooking by the airlines.
  • In cases where you cannot aboard your flight due to your failure of showing during the checking time at an airport.
  • In cases where you cannot aboard your flight due to the discrepancy between the spelling of your name in your flight reservation and the name listed in your passport.
  • In cases where you cannot make reservation of your return flight at your visiting city with open flight ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Can I make a tentative reservation?
    Yes, you can. We recommend you to make a tentative reservation to secure your airplane seat even though your schedule and itinerary are finalized. (But there are exceptions that conditions of some particular airline ticket categories prevent us making a tentative reservation.) We need your passport information before the end of the holding period. No cancellation fee will occur if you would cancel your airline reservation during the holding period.
  2. I do not have my passport yet. Can I make reservations for my travel arrangements?
    Yes, you can. Only the airline passenger name and the contact information are enough for us to make your reservations. We will add your passport information to your reservation when you will obtain your passport.
  3. When is a deadline for reservation?
    Deadlines vary depending on categories of airline tickets. In most of airline ticket issuing rules, lower price tickets require earlier bookings. We recommend you to contact us to find ticket availabilities as soon as you think of your travel plan.
  4. My travel schedule is not finalized yet. Can I extend a holding period of issuing airline tickets?
    We try our best to accommodate your request of the schedule change: we can rebook your reservation with the same condition as long as the seats of the same class which was booked originally are available; in case where the same class seats are not available, we can extend the holding period of issuing tickets by rebooking your reservation in the one level upper class which would be available; in case where no seats are available in all class, we cannot rebook your reservation or we cannot extend your holding period.
  5. Can I make my reservations by email or fax?
    Yes, you can. We accommodate your requests of reservation by email, fax, telephone or in person at our office.
  6. Do I have to pay the deposit at the time I request my reservations?
    Your due date very depending upon the services you would purchase such as airline tickets only and airline and hotel package tours. We like to consult you to find your due date.
  7. When will cancellation fees occur?
    During the off-season in a general way, your cancelation fee of overseas travel arrangements will occur one month before the date you will use the service. We will find the exact deadline to avoid cancellation fee by researching conditions of your airline tickets, hotel reservations and other reservations.
  8. When will I have to pay in full?
    As a general rule, we like to receive your full payment before issuing your tickets of airlines and other services. We like to answer any questions if you may have.